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Company Profile
Our company name, UNYTITE, is a compound word consisting of UNY and TITE which stands for the Latin word UNI, and the English word TIGHT. Thus, it means "to unite tightly" and symbolizes the concept behind the fastener.

Our trademark consists of the letters U and T in a hexagonal nut and bolt design which symbolize both our products and the two parts of our company name. The disposition of the U and T expresses in the abstract the Sky and the Earth, Male and Female, Water and Fire. It symbolizes the idea that two objects of opposing nature can unite and bear new creation.

Unytite Inc. was incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1986. In 1989 Unytite broke ground on a new facility in Peru, IL and the first products manufactured began shipping in early 1990. The facility has been expanded to 168,000 square feet on 26 acres.

Unytite Inc. was established in the United States to serve the domestic fastener and parts industries. Major industries served are construction, heavy equipment, truck and trailer, automotive, petro-chemical, amusement, nuclear power, railroad, motorcycle and ATV-PWC.Unytite is a ISO 9001/14001 resistered company.

Unytite, Inc. while having core product lines for the construction industry also has the flexibility to produce many other products for various industries. This flexibility is due to our expertise in hot and cold forming, cold pressing, heat treatment and machining. We have combined all of there methodologies under one roof to provide our customers the highest quality near net shape blanks and completed parts.


Unytite has the capability for customer specified product development, tool design, process control, engineering evaluation and conformance to industry specifications (ASTM, SAE, ANSI, ASME, AISC, ISO, DIN, AWWA, AREA, AASHTO, FHWA and State DOT specifications.)

We are members of IFI, ASTM F-16 Committee,Mid-West Fastener Association and the RCSC(Research Council on Structural Connections).


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • All products are manufactured from steel melted and produced exclusively in the United States from Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, Alloy and Weathering Steel.
  • All items produced are supplied with certificates of chemical, physical, and mechanical properties with lot trace ability.
  • All production can be controlled and tested to either imperial or metric standards.


UNYTITE, INC. will constantly improve our competitive position by exceeding all customer expectations. We will contribute to our society and challenge industry leaders through continuous improvements in quality, cost, productivity, customer service, employee empowerment and training.


UNYTITE, INC. maintains an Environmental Management System

  • To prevent pollution.
  • ISO 14001To commit to comply with environmental legislation and regulations
  • To reduce the environmental impacts of its processes, activities,products and services.
  • To continually improve its environmental management system.

Our commitment is to you! Since Unytite values your business, we commit our resources to achieve the highest quality in process control, on time delivery, technical service, and inventory, all at competitive prices. We are focused on helping your business run smoothly and efficiently.

At Unytite, we believe you'll enjoy doing business with an organization and people who are dedicated to forming a quality partnership with you.

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